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Dedicated To Defending You In Criminal Trials

At Sheppard, White, Kachergus, DeMaggio, & Wilkison, P.A. Attorneys & Counselors at Law, we fear no case. We fear no courtroom. We fear no judge. We fear no opponent. With a fearless leader like William J. Sheppard, how could we?

Mr. Sheppard is a board-certified criminal trial lawyer. He has litigated cases before the United States Supreme Court. Mr. Sheppard successfully argued Doggett v. the United States in the United States Supreme Court, the seminal case, which established the constitutional right to a speedy trial for all individuals charged with a crime.

He has litigated countless constitutional issues on behalf of his criminally accused clients. Mr. Sheppard has nearly 400 published opinions.

How A Criminal Trial Works

In a criminal trial, the government presents the evidence it has gathered against the defendant. The trial also is the defense’s chance to poke holes in the evidence. The jury then deliberates in private and returns to the courtroom with a verdict of guilty or not guilty. It is a stressful, difficult process, but our attorneys are at home in the courtroom, both in the Jacksonville, Florida, area and beyond.

Federal Criminal Practice

Our firm has extensive experience litigating a wide range of criminal cases in federal court. Federal criminal cases are very different from state law cases in everything — from the way pretrial motions are filed to jury selection. When you are charged with a federal crime, it is paramount that you find an attorney with experience practicing in federal court. From complex financial offenses to child pornography to fraud offenses, we have represented clients from the indictment to the appeal.

How To Contact Us

We have nearly 400 reported appellate published opinions that span 40 years. Put our criminal defense experience to work for you. Call us at 904-356-9661 or contact us online. Our after-hours number is 904-727-7191.