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Jacksonville Law Blog

What is the mishandling of evidence?

In a criminal case, the mishandling of evidence may result in the case ending in the defendant’s favor. Evidence is the core of any case, so when that evidence goes missing or is mishandled in another way, it’s reasonable to point that out as a part of your defense....

Chain of custody errors and your defense: What to know

If you are facing criminal charges of any kind, the evidence before court plays a significant role in determining the final verdict since it helps the prosecution prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. When the evidence against you is overwhelming, you may think...

Have you been entrapped into a sex act by the police?

You may be stunned and angry after being charged with a child sex crime. Your mind may also be working overtime, trying to pinpoint when this may have happened—but you come up blank. As a police officer begins questioning you, you remember something—but you never...

Florida legislators seek to expand DUI laws

When the Florida legislature’s new session begins in January, lawmakers may take up two bills (one in the House and one in the Senate) that would expand the state’s DUI laws to include impairment by prescription and over-the-counter medications as well as so-called...

How to handle it when the police are at the door

The proverbial “cop knock” is distinctive because it’s loud and sharp -- and designed to get your attention. When you hear that noise and look out your door to find the police standing there, what do you do? First, you take a deep breath and calm your nerves. The odds...

How can you challenge the evidence in a criminal case?

If the police charge you with a crime, they need evidence to back up their claims. That could be verbal evidence given by an eyewitness, or physical evidence, such as a gun used to shoot someone. Finding a way to challenge the validity of that evidence may be crucial...